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Adlandpro invests a considerable amount of time each day ensuring the full satisfaction of their Gold Members. In addition to what is already offered on the Gold Membership Package such as Automatic Acceptance and a 30% Commission Rate for the Affiliate Program, an industry leading autoresponder, URL Tracker system to track your advertising campaigns, and an opt-in list to build your mailing list; through this special offer you'll also get access to Downloadable Products worth over $1200.00.

The Gold Membership is priced at $24.95 but its combined value is actually well over $1350.00 when you factor in the prices of all the services plus the free Downloadable Product. Needless to say I was very excited to let you know about this incredible opportunity to put your business on autopilot for under $30.00.

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Christine Jackson

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After spending hours of my own time researching these types of services on the Internet, I have found that similar companies and websites sell these services separately for over $150.00. Heck, the autoresponder alone usually costs no less than around $50.00 per month on other websites but you join the Adlandpro Gold Membership Program and get all of these services and more for only $24.95 per month

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you get Submission of your ad to the 80,000 Search Directories each month! (A $15.00 value)

Now with a growing community and website, I can't imagine that the Gold Membership will stay at this price for long. If you order it today, you can still get in on the $24.95 price and that price is locked in for as long as you're a Gold Member even if the price goes up.

It's fast and easy if you use your credit card and don't worry if you don't have one. Adlandpro accepts checks, money orders, and Paypal as well. Or you can pick up the phone and call 1-866-254-7228 toll-free with your credit card number ready and they’ll place the order for you right over the phone.

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